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After we meet, I will set up a personal plan for you. In 3 months, we will get the answer to what you DO want in your job.

We will have 6 sessions of approximately 1,5 hour.

These will take place every other week, depending on your situation.

We will look at what your talents are and what drives you in your job.

I will help you to overcome your obstacles and identify the possibilities you have to realize your dream job. 

What will you have at the end of 3 months?

- A clear idea of your passion, talents and what drives you.

- You know what you need in a job and what works for you.

- You will have more self-confidence and self-knowledge.

- You will learn how to make better decisions for yourself.

- You will have a plan with the next steps to take in your career.

Are you ready for change and to take this commitment with yourself?

Are you ready to discover what is waiting for you behind that door?

The price of a trajectory is 600€ ex. VAT

For business prices, contact me. 



'Danielle is very understanding, a very good listener and puts the finger on the sore spot at the right moment. She is very good at asking the right questions to help me move forward.

It is nice to sit with someone who listens to me objectively and gazes at what I say, this was really a revelation. That someone directs you in your own thoughts and especially your mindfucks, you get to know yourself even better, this has been life changing. If you are stuck in your own hopes and dreams and you no longer know which way to go, this process can really help you to come out of this and towards the right direction.'


'Danielle's coaching is like a gift for myself. I always thought I could solve everything myself, but I had been confronted with the same problem for years. I decided, somewhat skeptically, to go for it anyway. This turned out to be the right choice after 1 session. The relaxed setting gives me confidence and with her clear questions, Danielle quickly comes to the essence. She has the talent to provide insight into thoughts and habits, so that I could almost immediately get to work with certain bottlenecks in my daily life. With 2 more sessions ahead, I am already looking forward to actually putting the goals we are working on into practice.'


‘The positive energy that you transfer helped me to believe in myself again. You give confidence, you are empathetic and you are very respectful. Thanks for everything Danielle, there was clearly a life before and after I met you’.


'I did not know how disconnected I was from myself. I discovered that I was not listening to myself, and I have reconnected with my values and passions! Danielle has been super open and very honest, and has made sure that I felt comfortable to be myself. There are exercises in which one can feel a bit clownish or vulnerable but she downplays and that’s where you relax and discover. Connecting with me has given me the energy and motivation I needed to start making better decisions for myself.’